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Nidheesh MK

Nidheesh MK is a journalist and is working on his debut non-fiction book, to be published by Penguin India soon. For more than five years, he was a correspondent at Mint, the business daily from Hindustan Times Group, doing longer reported stories from across southern India. As an Assistant Editor, part of the paper's long-form journalism team, he helped produce high-quality stories that made sense of contemporary news events and were in charge of Kerala coverage. To find out more about his work, browse his portfolio. Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss working together.

Praise for work

Manu Pillai (Writer, Historian): "Nidheesh MK has, over the past few years, shown himself as one of the most interesting journalistic voices in contemporary Kerala. As a reporter, he has covered everything from health crises to strange and forgotten cults, but what shines through his work is a lightly worn but thorough knowledge of the state's post-Independence evolution. He has a talent for unearthing stories that often challenge received wisdom, and a strong head for sifting through the long and eventful Congress-Communist dynamic in Kerala."

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